Thursday, July 02, 2015

What To Take In Your Carry-Ons: Summer Holiday Edition!

What To Take In You Carry-Ons: Summer Holiday Edition!

Hey Y'all!
As I am sure you are all aware July has begun! That means summer has officially begun! We can now chill and enjoy the sun and the newfound free time that we have. I, like many of you, am going on holiday and as usual I am very excited. I decided to this make this post to help you with the stress of packing. In particular the stress of packing your carry-on. These are my must-have carry-on essentials:

  • My phone - This one is a tad obvious, but I decided to put it in anyway.
  • My earphones - If you love listening to music, like me, then you will know this to be an essential. Even if you aren't that keen on music you can listen to an audio book, may I take this moment to recommend audible especially considering they have a 30 day free trial option and currently are giving you the opportunity to try one of any of their audio books for free! Seriously go check it out! I think I just like anything to help tune out the noise of my fellow passengers!
  • A good book - I am currently reading Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke, I'm loving it and I may do a book review on it once I'm finished it.
  • My make-up bag - Just in case you want to do any touch-ups on the plane...?
  • My laptop - Pretty much follows suit with my phone, plus who says you need Wi-Fi to write blog posts!
  • Camera - You don't want to be rummaging around in your suitcase for this, especially if you are going to a place known for it's stunning views. In my opinion you want your camera on hand and ready for action!
  • A pillow and a light blanket - For those long flights that you want to sleep through.
  • Snacks - If you are like me and are not too keen on aeroplane food then come prepared. You may just be a fussy eater and are worried you won't like any of the food served on the plane, either way bring snacks!
  • Sunglasses and sun cream - So that when the plane lands you are ready to take on the sun!
This is pretty much everything I bring in my carry-on on a normal summer holiday flight. I hope this list helped ease that packing stress and I hope you have a lovely holiday! I am going to Spain which I'm really looking forward to! How about you? Let me know where you are going down in the comments.

-El x

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