Thursday, July 02, 2015

How To Survive That Summer Holiday Plane Journey!

How To Survive That Summer Holiday Plane Journey!
Summer has officially begun and I am very excited about the prospect of going on holiday. I am going to Spain! How about you? Let me know if you are going anywhere on holiday in the comments! However, the one thing I can not stand about going on holiday is the 'going' part. This is mainly due to stressful plane journeys. If you too find plane journeys stressful and annoying then not to worry! I have compiled a list of ways to make your plane journey a bit more relaxing!
  • When it comes to carry-ons although a handbag looks nice it is not practical and you will soon find it will become heavy to haul around. Instead opt for a backpack, if you find a nice backpack that you like then swapping out the handbag shouldn't really be a problem.
  • You will have to carry your carry-on bag (obviously) so pack light. Only bring what you need. I have already made a list of my essential carry-ons which you can see in a new browser window by clicking here!
  • Wear comfortable clothes! I cannot stress this enough. You don't be stuck on a 12 hour flight in a pair if tight skinny jeans. My personal go to outfit would probably include leggings and a t-shirt. Although it is summer, bring a light jacket because from personal experience planes can get quite cool especially if everyone has their air conditioner blasting.
  • Wear your hair down or in a plait. Although ponytails and buns are everyone's go to hairstyle for long journeys, they are not comfortable. I personally can't get to sleep when my hair is in a ponytail because it digs into my head, but that's just my opinion.
  • Bring a light blanket and pillow for extra comfort if you want to sleep on the flight.
  • If you don't enjoy the thought of flying then your best option is to keep yourself occupied. Whether that's by listening to music, sleeping, reading a book or magazine or even talking to your fellow passengers. Another option that I recommend is writing a diary about your flight experience or even writing a small story about a chosen topic. 
  • My last tip is too arrive early so that you are not rushing around. This means you can go through the security and all at your own pace, it also means that it won't be to crowded which may make things easier if you have anxiety. Plus while you are waiting for your plane you can browse around the stores and grab a coffee too (or a tea if you prefer, I know I do!).
Well guys that's all the tips I have to offer about surviving plane journeys. I hope you all have a wonderful trip and a safe journey!
-El x

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