Friday, July 24, 2015

I'm Back/Back To School Rant!

I'm Back/Back To School Rant!

Hi everybody, I'm back from Spain. I had an amazing time! Thanks so much for all the lovely comments I got when I was away. I will be posting as often as I can now that I'm back with Wi-Fi.

I just got my school uniform the other day, which was sort of a downer. I always get my school uniform near the start of the summer. It is then put in my wardrobe until school begins. However, till then every time I open my wardrobe it serves as a constant reminder that summer will eventually come to an end and that in just over a months time I will be sitting in the class room again.
I needed to get a new blazer because the one from last year had ink stains on the inside pocket due to my pen exploding in it on the third last day. I mean come on, the third last day. It survived the whole year only to be destroyed on the THIRD LAST DAY! Note to self: Don't keep pens in your pocket, it never ends well.
While I'm dreading of going back to school my younger brother, who is starting first year (year 8), is super excited to be starting school. According to my mum that's what I was like when I was going into first year (year 8). However, considering this year I'm going into fourth year (year 11) I am cherishing every day I have before I go back to school!

Well sorry about that school rant, I'm sure that that is the last thing you want to be hearing about right now, unless you're not from the western world and you are actually still at school, in that case I'm sorry for talking about summer holidays! Anyway let me know in the comments if you guys are on your summer holidays, and if so (stupid question here) are you excited to be going back to school?

Hope you are all having an awesome day and I'll post soon!
-El x


  1. I'm on my summer holidays over here but sadly they've been mostly spent revising for my first year at uni and doing my summer work placements, which on the plus side have been very rewarding :)

    1. Aww good luck for your first year of university! I hope you have an amazing time.
      Enjoy the rest of your summer! :)
      -El x