Saturday, August 29, 2015

Expectation Vs. Reality: Summer Holidays!

Expectations Vs. Reality: Summer Holidays!

 Sup y'all!
Well, with summer drawing to a close I have plenty of time to reflect upon my summer. I can reflect on how I spent it and what I did. However, after doing this I realized that my summer was no where near what I thought it was going to be. Yes my expectations were high. I had hoped for the best summer ever; good weather, lots to do etc. The reality was the complete opposite. I am not going to even lie to you, after some serious reflecting I realised my summer consisted of binge watching on Netflix, stalking 5 Seconds of Summer and a billion games of golf - not my ideal summer! With that in mind I decided to share with you my awesome summer expectations vs. my utterly disappointing summer reality:

Expectation: Getting to lie in for as long as you want.
Reality: Being woken up early to walk the dog.

Expectation: Doing something exciting everyday and creating summer memories
Reality: Spending day after day binge watching on Netflix.

Expectation: Seeing your friends nearly everyday.
Reality: Disappearing off the face of the earth and therefore seeing no one till you have to go back to school.

Expectation: Sunshine all day everyday.
Reality: Rain all day everyday, with sunshine on the day you go back to school. (Okay lets face it I never had any expectations for sunshine, after all I live in the U.K! Sunshine all day everyday is a far off magical dream over here.)

Expectation: Having a summer romance.
Reality: Mentally dating your celebrity/YouTube crush.

Expectation: Beach every weekend.
Reality: Doesn't want to leave the Wi-Fi so scrolls through Tumblr for hours instead.

Expectation: Getting a gorgeous tan.
Reality: Is too busy stalking your favourite celeb. to leave the house and therefore remains the pale-skinned vampire you are.

Expectation: Wears stunning new summer clothes they got when going out shopping with your friends.
Reality: Refusing to take off your favourite pair of sweats all summer.

Well, after all that I can gladly say, "Summer well spent!" Just kidding, that was possibly the most unproductive summer in the history of unproductive summers. The only plus side to this summer was starting this blog, which I have loved every minute of. :)

Do you agree with any of these? If so let me know down in the comments! Also if you have any more "Expectation Vs. Reality" ideas then feel free to let me know. :)

Till next time friends! :)

-El x

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