Friday, December 04, 2015

What To Know About Going Into Year 11 (Fourth Year)!

What To Know About Going Into Year 11 (Fourth Year)!

Hallo! Long time no post! I do apologise that I haven't posted in a while, but this may explain why.

You may or may not know that I'm in fourth year. If not then now you know! I also happen to be starting in to my GCSE courses. Now, I knew GCSEs weren't going to be a walk in the park, but I didn't expect them to be like this. Suddenly, I don't understand Maths (I do fast track Maths so my teacher doesn't really explain it), I've started failing tests for once in my life in subjects that I thought I was good at! It all a bit of a whirlwind of madness - and let me tell you I was not ready for it!

I went into fourth year oblivious to the amount of work that I was going to be doing. Due to this I have been overwhelmed by what each subject had 'thrown at me'. Therefore, I have compiled a list of things I feel you should be aware of when going into fourth year:

* Start your notes as soon as possible - I'm not saying you have to learn them immediately, but when exam time comes around your not stressing about not even having your notes done, never mind learning them!
*   Ask for help if you don't understand - speak to your teacher or a parent. With Maths I was a bit confused with quadratics, now we have moved on to a different topic that involves quadratics and I was so confused at the start of it because I didn't understand quadratics.
* Stop procrastinating - as they say, "procrastination is the thief of time." Click here to find out how I stop myself procrastinating!
* Understand the importance of it all - Year 11 (fourth year) doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is. This is the year you start your GCSE courses. What you learn this year will be vital foundations for your GCSEs!
* Enjoy it - it all gets harder from here! Enjoy it while it lasts. Because while it may seem like hard work now when you look back on it a few years later you'll wish things were still as easy.

I'm sorry for not posting regularly like I promised I've just been consumed by assessments at the moment. Hopefully I can try and post a little more often though!

-El x


  1. you are totally correct with all this! im in fifth year, but i felt the exact same in fourth year, teachers had such high expectations for you and did care what they were throwing at you, even when you were completely overwhelmed by the workload. stress really bothered me last year, but i know it was down to the fact i done little revision and none for some subjects- yes, im probably crazy! oh and your mental health is WAY more important than your grades, so if you ever feel too overwhelmed take the day off and try not to think about school! you have totally got this though! you sound super motivated and determined. Good luck for the next 2 years! (sorry this was basically an essay)

    1. Good luck to you too with fifth year! I completely agree with the whole mental health thing, stress can have a huge impact in your everyday life, including affecting your exam results! What's more it can end up leading to much more complex issues such as depression! I just hope more people can understand the importance of our mental health in comparison to exam results!