Wednesday, December 09, 2015

60 Reasons To Stay Alive!

60 Reasons To Stay Alive!

A little pick me up for those who need it!

1. Disney movies - although some of them are sad the magic of them is something that makes me truly happy!
2. Cake - Includes Calum and Luke if that's your cake preference (5sos reference)
3. A good book - because books are full of magic, particularly 'Harry Potter' and 'the Lord of the Rings'
4. Your favourite band or artist - 5sos and Halsey always cheer me up!
5. Sunday dinner - chicken, roast potatoes, mash potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, carrots, all smothered in gravy!
6. Long hugs
7. Sitting by the fire
8. Wearing sweatpants and sweaters
9. Waking up on Christmas morning
10. Laughing until you cry
11. The prospect of J.K. Rowling writing another Harry Potter book
12. The first snow to fall in winter - it just has a really nice feeling to it
13. Sunsets and sunrise
14. S'mores
15. When something you've been waiting for for ages happens - like going to a concert, or a new book from your favourite author comes out, or your favourite artist releases new music
16. Looking up at the stars
17. The crunch of Autumn leaves
18. Meeting online friends in real life
19. Ice cream
20. The smells of endless varieties of scented candles
21. The crunch of snow under your feet
22. Hot showers/baths - whatever your preference
23. Getting presents
24. Being the first to walk in fresh snow
25. Waking up before your alarm and realising you have another hour of sleep
26. Receiving compliments
27. Smiles from strangers
28. Movie marathons
29. Getting a letter in the post
30. Going to the beach
31. The smell of freshly cut grass
32. The sound of the ocean or running water
33. Talking to someone all night
34. Looking at adorable pictures of puppies and kittens
35. Getting takeout when you're tired
36. Watching funny cat videos in YouTube
37. Wearing new clothe for the first time
38. Bank holiday weekends
39. Drinking a hot drink on a cold day
40. When your favourite song comes on the radio when you're having a bad day
41. Being tickled
42. Wearing fluffy socks
43. Making a pillow fort/den
44. Watching emotional movies and bawling your eyes out
45. The smell of fresh pine at Christmas time from the tree
46. The smell of cinnamon at Christmas
47. Meeting your idol
48. Learning something new
49. Long summer nights
50. Finding money that you left in your pockets ages ago
51. Finishing a series - book, movie or TV show
52. Getting perfectly flicked cat eyes that match when doing your eyeliner
53. Winning a match that you didn't expect to win
54. Getting a free period/class in school
55. Scoring the winning goal
56. Hearing the first Christmas song of December
57. Singing along to all the songs during a Disney movie
58. Going on holiday
59. You are unique - there is no one like you
60. To say you're alive - you were put on this earth for a reason

If you have anymore that you think I should add then please comment them so I can add them to an updated version! Have a good day!

-El x

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