Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dreaming Of Flight!

Dreaming Of Flight!

As I compose this I am sitting back in my chair at about 700 feet. The sun is beaming through the window and little, fluffy white clouds lie forming a cosy blanket just below the the wings of the plane. How wonderful it feels to be gliding through the air, as the plane sails over oceans and cities all made to feel like miniature models of towns from this great height!

It's so peaceful, not a fuming car, nor a busy factory, nor a packed city centre to be seen. Everything to do with my normal, busy city life swept away and hidden by a thick layer of cloud. All that remains to be seen is the bright, pale blue sky of this early Thursday morning.

Just think this kind of travel didn't exist merely 250 years ago. It was unheard of, non existent, now it's a simple way of life - one in which we take for granted. We no longer appreciate what was once a far off dream, the ability to fly! To think we once envied the birds, the way they gracefully beat their wings and glided through the air.

However, flying is no longer a far off dream, it's an everyday reality - one that I feel should be appreciated so much more than it is. For without it travelling would be so much more difficult, trips would be so much longer and people would therefore travel much less frequently. So next time you sitting back on your seat at around 700 feet maybe have a look out the window or think to yourself how amazing it actually is to be able to fly. Appreciate how lucky we are and don't take flight for granted, because 250 years ago flight was just a far off dream!

 Thats just a little food for thought! Hope you are having an great day and I will talk to you all soon!
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-El x

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